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Solar for a Tight Budget

5.5kW For the Essentials Only

With clever design and wiring we could save this client lots of money by only having the "Essential" stuff like lights and plugs coming from the Battery backup and Solar while still maximizing Solar Power by pushing extra power to the geysers and other "non-essential" loads. This way you save on system cost with less battery capacity needed but also can't drain your batteries with heavy loads during Eskom "Load Shedding".System Design:
5.5kW Inverter Capacity, 5.5kWh Battery Capacity and 6kW Solar Solar Generation Capacity
Investment Cost: R127k Ex VAT
Savings per Month: R1200
Financial Payback Period: 6.3 years
Lifetime Bill Savings: R1.25m
Designed Lifespan: 25 years
Commissioning Date: Dec 2021



When saving money is the only thing that matters and you are fortunate to never or seldom experience "Load Shedding" then a grid-tie system without the need for batteries is the best choice.System Design:
4.6kW Inverter Capacity and 6.4kW Solar Solar Generation Capacity
Investment Cost: R76k Ex VAT
Monthly Savings: R1700
Financial Payback Period: 3.4 years
Lifetime Bill Savings: R1.9m
Designed Lifespan: 25 years
Commissioning Date: Dec 2021


"Load Shedding" Backup Only Please!

You want to go off-the-grid but your finances are limited and for many clients the pain and frustration going with "Load Shedding is just unbearable. Especially if you have critical equipment like oxygen machines to run, office work to take care of caring for the babies.So the obvious choice is a system that is scalable and has the ability to add Solar Panels at a later stage and expand with batteries if needed.System Design:
5.5kW Inverter Capacity and 11kW Solar Solar Generation Capacity
Investment Cost: R110k Ex VAT
Monthly Savings: None
Financial Payback Period: None
Lifetime Bill Savings: None
Designed Lifespan: 25 years
Commissioning Date: Feb 2022

when you don't have a choice!

Renting Property? No problem...

Many peopl are renting property and cannot install permanent installation due to the lease agreements.This mobile Power box with Lithium battery is the perfect most affordable choice. You can take it with you when you relocate or even if you own a remote location like a bush camp of some sort and don't want to leave expensive equipment there to get stolen.These boxes gets assembled "On-Request" and comes with affordable Inverter and Lithium batteries in 3kW and 5kW.System Design:
5kW Inverter Capacity and 3kW battery equipped with all the DB's and protection to add Solar Panel later. Space for another additional battery is available to have 7kWh of battery Capacity.
3kW Box: Around R29k Ex VAT and excluding delivery and installation.
5kW Box: Around R47k Ex VAT and excluding delivery and installation.Note: Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and exchange rates.

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